Reinetier Cristallum
Reinetier Cristallum
First Appearance Season 1 Episode 1: Change
Last Appearance N/a
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Current Reinetier
Past N/a
Birthday May 8, 1999
Birthplace N/a
Gender Female
Age 16
Height 5'3"
Weight N/a
Aura Color |
  • White
  • Red (Guenhwyvar)
  • Blue (Schneetier)
Rank Princess
Alias Reine
Affiliation N/a
Team Team Reno
Partner Noctis Lux
Tribe Cristallum Tribe
Mentor(s) Crow Lock
Apprentice(s) N/a
Family |

Personality Edit

Reinetier is an emotional girl who doesn't others to shatter her. She feels that falling in love with be what destroys her, and she'd rather be alone in life. She is quick to push people away when she is upset, but she lets some people into her heart. She is highly protective of the few close friends she has.

As Guenhwyvar, she is far darker and doesn't care about people at all. She is more violent and sometimes insane.

As Schneetier, she is peaceful and pretty much refuses to fight unless the person she is fight uses darkness rather than light to fight.

Appearance Edit

Reinetier has long white hair that is half her height and eyes to match. She wears a long black cloak with a hood. Underneath this cloak she wears a black tank top, belt, pants, and knee high boots.

As Guenhwyvar, her eyes are blood red and her hair is black.

As Schneetier, her eyes are a cold blue and her hair is silver

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Trivia Edit

  • She is so far the only character who has had their memories locked away.